Cleaning On The Go

Do you and your family have plans to travel this summer?

For many people around the world, the nicer weather often gives them the chance to explore a new area or location by packing up the car and hitting the open road.

Whether your trip is just a couple minutes or a couple of days, weeks, or even months, it is best to always plan ahead and arrive safely. Of course that means preparing all of the essentials, road trip snacks, playlist, pillow for napping.

One thing that must also be considered this travel season, is essential cleaning supplies. Not in the traditional sense, nobody is saying to ‘go buy bottles and bottles of chemical cleaners to be mixed in with your open bag of party mix.

Technology has evolved to a point now that if you and your loved ones are on the road, or on the go, and you want to protect yourself against picking up hitchhiking bacteria, viruses and other illness-causing microbes, all you need are two small devices, with one honorable mention.

With Oshiner’s Car Air Purifier and Aqua Sterilizer, you will have the incredible cleaning power of two of the most effective, most efficient air and surface cleaners at your disposal. 

Car Air Purifier

When you are in your car cruising down the road, to work, or your next holiday destination, make sure the air you breathe is just as good, if not, better than the air by a picturesque mountain lake, or an ancient forest road.

How do you get clean, pure air even in congested city streets? One of the best ways is with Oshiner’s Car Air Purifier. Oshiner’s Car Air Purifier uses a highly efficient particulate air (HEPA) filter to trap even the smallest airborne contaminates. HEPA filters are so effective, that they can catch viruses! bacteria! fungal spores! even pollen from thin air and trap these micro-organisms in a web of super-fine fibers.

Oshiner’s Car Air Purifier goes one step further, by using a solar-charged mini turbo fan to draw or pull in air from the surrounding area to by passed through the net of virus-catching fibers that is the filter. The fan springs into action when you start the car and continues to work until your ride is done, ensuring the air you breathe in your car is the most clean, most pure, during your whole trip.

Oshiner Smart Air for car
Oshiner Smart Car Air Purifier – Auto On & Off

Aqua Sterilizer

The reality for many people around the world is the endless disinfecting and sanitizing of hands, surfaces, toys, kitchen supplies, doors, handles, the list is endless. And it seems that there is a different cleaning product for each thing that needs to be cleaned. For example, product A is able to clean toys but not hands. Product B is able to clean hands but not door handles and so on.

Now, there is a way to sanitizer everything from hands to doors, from toys to kitchen supplies, even FOOD! Without the need of multiple cleaners. Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer does it all! How does it work? Using normal drinking water, combined with ground-breaking ozone technology, Oshiner’s Aqua sterilizer disinfects just as well as alcohol or chlorine based cleaners without the hazardous chemicals.

Simply add water to the Aqua Sterilizer, press start, and it begins charging the water with virus and bacteria killing ozone. Ozone, or O3 is made up of three oxygen atoms, occurs naturally in our world, especially after thunderstorms, and protects our earth and us by blocking harmful UV rays from the sun.

Ozone is also an extremely effective disinfectant against all types of illness-causing microbes, especially the more notable viruses we are currently hearing about in the news. Whether ozone is on it’s own as a gas or accompanied with water, it will disinfect all surfaces and areas safely.

Best of all, Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer is small enough to fit in your pocket, designed to be portable and used anywhere, and made to be amazingly user friendly. Safe on skin, safe to use, tough on viruses.

oshiner aqua sterilizer - ozone disinfectant
oshiner aqua sterilizer – ozone disinfectant

O3 Bin Pro Deodorizer

On the road, especially with snacks, new purchases and random things accumulated from here and there, it helps to have a trash bin at disposal for your disposal. With trash build up, especially in tight spaces, it doesn’t take long before bacteria and odors also start to form.

Now, with the help of Oshiner’s O3 Bin Pro Deodorizer, you can be proactive in the fight against odors and bacteria build up. The O3 Bin Pro attaches to the lid of virtually any trash bin, and produces a small amount of ozone, just enough to kill bacteria and smells.  

Oshiner O3 Bin Pro Deodoriser, remove odor & germs from trash bins
Oshiner O3 Bin Pro Deodoriser, remove odor & germs from trash bins

Don’t let a smelly garbage or a smelly car put a hamper on your travels. Clean as you go, and have peace of mind knowing that your car is smelling great.

In Summary, when you are planning your next family road trip, add a couple more things to your essentials list. Plan ahead, cover all of the basis, and above all, stay safe and healthy. With Oshiner’s Car Air Purifier, Aqua Sterilizer, and O3 Bin Pro Deodorizer, you will be prepared for any mess, wherever your travels take you.

Ozone Beats Bacteria

Now, perhaps more than even people have become extremely health-cautious. The looming threats of influenza, illness and incubation have made our world come to a standstill in more ways than one. From global and domestic travel, to simply going to the grocery store, protective restrictions and health requirements have entered our lives, whether we like it or not.

As difficult of a task as it is to combat a global pandemic, it is a shared responsibility from all of us to health-conscious at all times, whether we are in our own homes or out and about.

One of the best methods for proactive-healthcare is by cleaning and disinfecting the air and surfaces in spaces with high volumes of human traffic. These spaces could be in a house, apartment, office, school, store, bus, car, anywhere and everywhere we spend extended periods of time. And one of the best tools for disinfecting at home and on the go is ozone.

Ozone is a molecular compound made up of three atoms of oxygen fused together. The oxygen we breathe is made up of two oxygen atoms, expressed scientifically as O2. The oxygen in the air must be broken apart to produce ozone, which is commonly done with the help of an electric current such as lightning, or with UV rays. Once broken apart, the oxygen atoms will then sporadically regroup and build ozone, which is represented by the symbol O3. Ozone (O3) is an unstable molecule because oxygen atoms prefer to produce basic oxygen (O2).

Because ozone is unstable, it clings to other molecules in its vicinity, including bacteria, viruses, fungus, smoke, dust, and other contaminants. This makes it great for disinfecting and protection against unpleasant odours, common colds, the flu during flu season, and other dangerous airborne infections. There is also no evidence that viruses, bacteria, or fungus may develop resistance to ozone disinfection, implying that it will continue to function and clean efficiently for days, weeks, or years to come.

Ozone is one of the most powerful natural disinfectants known, capable of disinfecting air, water, and other solid surfaces. Despite being a powerful disinfectant, ozone is one of the safest disinfectants available for routine usage. According to some reports and studies, ozone is found to be up to 50 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. Even while ozone is up to 50 times more effective than conventional cleaning agents, it does so without the hazardous consequences and residues that come with them, such as the cancer-causing residue left behind by chlorine bleach treatments.

With applications from kitchens, washrooms, bedrooms to on-the-go, ozone is an extremely versatile disinfectant. Ozone is suitable since it is generally safe to use and has excellent oxidation and disinfection capabilities that may be used in a variety of applications. Being a potent oxidant, ozone able to breakdown a wide range of bacteria, viruses, and other ailments in these sensitive areas more safely than other conventional cleaners.

Ozone has been shown to transform toxic organic molecules to safer biodegradable materials in the treatment of drinkable water. As a result, combining ozone with other biological treatments can produce water with lower levels of hazardous organic compounds while also being more cost-effective than any other single-use chemical cleaning techniques in the long term.

Ozone disinfection is especially useful for residents in large cities and urban areas where there are numerous factories, heavy traffic, and other high-pollution areas. Ozone air purifiers are a must for these types of everyday pollutants that strive in these types of environments. Ozone purifiers are recommended for industrial areas to get rid of any offensive airborne chemical smells. They can be easily installed to remove various odors that are common in homes, offices, manufacturing areas, laboratories and other various high traffic areas where people spend a lot of their time occupying. Ozone air purifiers are also great for smoking zones to reduce smokescreens, tobacco smells, and other long-lasting odors.

While the basic health guidelines of general hand-washing, hygiene, tidiness, and social distancing are some of the best way to prevent illness caused by bacteria or viruses, there are ways to protect your self and your family even more, with the help of ozone. 

Cleansing the air with the help of ozone-producing air purifiers can prevent air-borne contaminates from being inhaled or resting on commonly used surfaces.

Cleansing surfaces with the help of ozone-producing sprays and diffusers can eliminate bacteria and viruses clinging onto everyday objects.

Cleansing water with ozone-assisted filters can kill illness-causing microbes hiding in the water we drink.

Cleansing the food in our fridges to limit and prevent the spread of bacteria from spoiling fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh longer.

Cleansing and controlling the odors produced from our trash bins to block the smells and spores from spreading to other areas of our homes. Ozone has the ability to be utilized in many aspects of our lives, at our homes, and while we are out, making our world a cleaner, healthier and safer place

Is It Safe to Use Ozone As A Professional Level of Clean?

How much attention have you given to the cleanliness of your house, especially in light of recent concerns about viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants in our homes?

Would you like to have a professional-level of clean feeling in your home without the expensive price tag? Would you like to clean areas effectively without just covering them up with fragrances or chemicals? Would you like an all in one cleaner that tackles all areas of your home such as washrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, air space, water and surfaces?

Ozone is one of the most well-known natural disinfectants for airborne, water and surface pollution. We’ve probably all heard of ozone, most notably the ozone layer, which serves as a suborbital barrier between our planet and space. Ozone is also present all around us, working invisibly to purify the air and other natural surfaces. Despite the fact that ozone is not as common at ground level as it is in the ozone layer, new technology has been able to harness the power of ozone, utilizing its disinfection properties, and making it safe and easy to use at home, work, or on the go, so you can breathe clean natural air wherever you are.

Ozone is and has been one of the most powerful disinfectants available, capable of disinfecting air, water, and other solid surfaces. Despite being a powerful disinfectant, ozone is one of the safest disinfectants available for routine and daily use. Ozone is known to be even more effective at disinfecting surfaces than chlorine bleach, while posing less of a health risk.

Even while ozone is more powerful than other man-made cleaning agents, it does so without the detrimental consequences and residues that come with common cleaning produces, such as the carcinogenic residue left behind by chlorine bleach treatments.

Despite the fact that ozone is a potent air, water and surface cleanser as well as a general disinfectant, it cannot be stored easily, and must be created on demand each time it is required. Because ozone is produced on demand, it saves money and reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for storage and distribution.

Appliances such as Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer, Fridge Freshener, Bin Deodorizer, and Mini Air Purifier have all been expertly designed to produce effective cleaning levels of ozone in private homes while still being safe and energy efficient.

Because of its efficacy, simplicity, and general safety, ozone is an useful strategy for treating air, water, and external surfaces against most toxins and pollutants.

Ozone is highly reactive with other chemicals and microorganisms due to its instability. This is where ozone works its magic. When ozone mixes with other molecules such as other gases, or odours, microbes, bacteria, germs, fungi, and viruses, it passes on it extra oxygen to them, breaking them down into other molecules, or killing the microbe entirely. This removes any undesirable gases, odours, or microorganisms, leaving just fresh, breathable O2 oxygen and a disinfected area.

It is a good approach for treating air, water, and external surfaces against most toxins and pollutants because to its efficacy, simplicity, and general safety.

Why use ozone?

Even at low quantities, ozone is a powerful disinfectant. Ozone is a known deodorizer and bactericide in its gaseous state, or when combined with water. Ozone reduces the need for other traditional chemical cleaners and produces no potentially harmful byproducts, making it the most environmentally benign and sustainable treatment solution. After oxidation and disinfection, the principal byproduct of ozone is O2 oxygen.

Almost instantly, ozone starts to eliminate toxins that cause mould to grow, or prevents bacteria cultures to multiply. It’s also effective against harmful contaminants including germs, and viruses. It can safely oxidize all surfaces to remove mildew other pests that harm a person’s health.

Where to use ozone?

Ozone is a potent oxidant that reacts with a wide range of chemicals and bacteria. Ozone is ideal since it is generally safe to use in every environment and has excellent oxidation and disinfection capabilities. These oxidation and capabilities have a wide variety of applications.

Ozone has been shown to eliminate toxic organic molecules in the treatment of drinkable water. As a result, combining ozone with other treatment technologies can result in water with lower levels of hazardous organic compounds while also being more cost and health effective than any other single technique in the long-run.

The Food and Drug Administration has also cleared ozone for direct contact with food. Food packaging and manufacturing companies use ozone during the packaging process, giving food goods a prolonged shelf life.

Residents in major cities and urban areas with numerous factories, heavy traffic, and other high-pollution locations can also benefit from ozone disinfection. For common pollutants that thrive in these types of surroundings, ozone air purifiers are especially effective and in some cases, necessary.

For industrial environments, ozone purifiers are used to eliminate any irritating airborne chemical odours. They are simple to install and can be used to eliminate odours in homes, offices, schools, manufacturing areas, laboratories, and other high-traffic locations where people spend a lot of time.

Smoking zones benefit from ozone air purifiers because they minimize smokescreens, tobacco odours, and other lingering odours.

Is it safe to use ozone?

Ozone is one of the most powerful natural germicides in the air, and it combats all types of air and surface pollution, as well as other contaminants. Despite this, ozone is not known to be carcinogenic or cause any direct allergic reactions. It is also not harmful if n direct contact with the skin. In most countries, there are regulatory frameworks in place for consumer and industrial ozone that provide standards for safe human ozone exposure levels.

Because ozone still poses some health hazards, frameworks are required. Within minutes of coming into direct contact with extremely high levels of ozone in a small space, a person can develop discomfort or even more serious respiratory symptoms.

Nonetheless, high concentrations of ozone are still commonly used in industrial, commercial, and some residential situations to disinfect large and small areas quickly. To avoid any discomforts, one would need to leave the room during this type of disinfection process.

Ozone is fully safe to use and be around when it is within the level limit concentration (LLC), which is typically defined as 0.1 parts per million (ppm) and is easily detectable by humans at these low doses.

Providing cleansed air, safe drinking water, germ-free surfaces, and cleaner environments in our homes, offices, schools, warehouses, and factories has never been easier thanks to the disinfecting power of Ozone.

New technology is continuously enhancing how we harness the power of ozone in our homes and workplaces, making it safer, easier, and more cost-effective to do so.

Using ozone purifiers prioritizes health concerns by providing clean air free of harmful irritants and other pollutants or contaminants.

Ozone purifiers are one of the most effective ways to introduce fresh air indoors and allow you to breathe freely.

spring is in the air - pollen allergy

Spring is in the Air

Spring has sprung! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Springtime is a time for renewal and regrowth. Many of us look forward to the refreshed environment brought by the changing of the seasons, especially after those long and cold winters. Alternatively, there are some who dread springtime and the challenges it brings. Those of us who suffer from dust and pollen allergies and sensitive immune systems must always be on guard during this time especially.

Every time we go outside or open a window, could be a chance to have an allergic reaction, have difficultly breathing, get a scratchy throat, develop a cold or flu, and rely on different medications while experiencing discomfort for weeks or months on end. Spring should be a time to rejoice for all and feel the freshness that comes with the season, not a time to shut one’s self inside in fear of getting sick.

For those of us with a seasonal allergy or who expect yearly colds or flu’s brought on by the change of weather and environment, there is a way to enjoy all of the beauty of spring, not just from the sidelines. Ozone, while vital for our atmosphere keeping the oxygen on Earth for all of us to breath, also serves another purpose. Ozone is one of nature’s best and more efficient cleansers against bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbes, dust, pollen and harsh odors.

With ozone disinfection, there is no more need to fear the spring, as there is now a way to enjoy the changes in the environment first-hand rather than through a closed window or bedside.

Dust and Pollen

A word almost synonymous with “spring” for many people is “allergy”. Springtime means a wide regrowth of flowers, shrubs, grass, crops, and with all of the regrowth comes pollen. Pollen is the powdery substance produced by vegetation to pollinate or reproduce with other like-plants. This pollen is necessary for ensuring the health and growth of vital food crops, oxygen-producing trees, plants and shrubs.

Pollen is an essential part of the life cycle for plants and in turn all life on Earth. The effects that pollen has on people however is not as romantic. When pollen is floating through the air and come in contact with people who have pollen allergies, effects on that person can range from a runny nose, to difficulty breathing or worse depending on the severity.

Dust is also a common occurrence especially during springtime. Those who possess dust allergies experience similar symptoms to those with pollen allergies. Usually, but not always, these two allergies are overlapping, meaning those with pollen allergies will also be sensitive to dust, and vise versa.

One of the best defenses against unwanted pollen is having a good air purifier. Air purifiers, whether in your home, such as the Mini Air Purifier, or on the go like the Car Air Purifier, eliminate pollen and dust from the air. Ozone is used by the Mini Air Purifier to attach itself to the pollen and dust, breaking them down and weighing them down so that they are no longer harmful and one longer airborne. What ozone is not being used is simply converted back into breathable oxygen. In the Car Air Purifier, a HEPA (or High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter is used to catch the smallest airborne dust, pollen, bacteria, spore, virus microbes. It accomplishes this by having incredibly fine static fibers in the filter, able to catch the smallest pollutants, leaving only clean air to pass through back into the environment.       


The changing of season also awakes dormant pathogens, releasing them back into the environment. This, paired with a change in temperature creates the perfect recipe for provoking underlying symptoms or sensitive immune systems to illness. Spring time is when sensitive groups of people should be extra cautious about their environment, to ensure that they stay healthy by limiting the risk of cross contamination by keeping their immediate surrounding and daily objects sterile.

One of the most common disinfectants to use is alcohol, but using alcohol daily also has its disadvantages. Alcohol is poisonous if consumed, harmful to skin after prolonged use, cause skin, eyes, throat, lung irritations, as well as other more serious side effects.

Ozone, while also requiring some precautions when using, is just as effective at disinfecting surfaces as alcohol, without the serious side-effects. Ozone produced by Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer, Fridge Freshener, or other related products is completely safe on skin, as well as food safe and safe if ingested. Ozone can be used to sanitize specific areas and surfaces, without leaving any chemical residue, while leaving a neutral-freshness.

Ozone disinfection works on many levels, in many ways, and in different settings. O3 is an extremely adaptable and effective tool that can be used to lower the risk of allergic reactions due to dust or pollen, as well as eliminate seasonal influenza. By switching to ozone for your air purification and sanitation needs, you no longer need to suffer during the changing of the season, but rather more easily enjoy it in all of it’s beauty.

Spring is a time of regrowth, rebirth and rejoice. Everyone should have the ability to enjoy the changes of spring without having to worry about getting sick or suffering from allergies. Using ozone around the home or on the go can significantly reduce the risk of these ailments and more, by purifying the environment around you, both air and surfaces. Try ozone, and take back control over your life, while enjoying all that life has to offer.

Ozone for the Washroom

A washroom can be an oasis or a dishevelment. If neglected for even a short while, the washroom can change from a room of relief to a room of disgust and despair. Even a short trip to an otherwise spotless washroom can change the whole atmosphere from one of flowery aromas and clinic-ly clean appliances to a bio-hazardous bilge.

The washroom, like any other room in one’s house, requires regular and rigorous upkeep, even more so than other rooms because of the nature of its purpose. We go to the washroom to cleanse our bodies of dirt and waste, but it is also our responsibility to cleanse our washrooms of dirt and waste as well.

As a clean washroom adds to the overall environment of a healthy home, it is also often the most judged room in a house by its cleanliness, which also reflects on the standards of it’s owners. However, proactively keeping a washroom clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the use of ozone-generating appliances, such as Oshiner’s Air Purifier, Aqua Sterilizer, and Bin Deodorizer, keeping a washroom clean, healthy, and smelling great has never been easier!


A defining characteristic often associated with washrooms in general is ‘smell’. The smell of a washroom is the first thing people tend to notice and judge when entering the room. Whether the smell is ‘lovely’ or ‘horrendous’ or somewhere in between, smell can often play a huge impact on the state of cleanliness of the washroom.

There are many ways to combat unwanted smells in the washroom. The most popular choice is to just ‘cover’ the smell in stronger smelling products or scents, such as aerosol ‘fresheners’, popery, or candles. Another more reliable way is of course finding the source of smell, and removing it. When the source of the smell is removed, there is often a ‘lingering’ smell that sticks around and continues to pester the senses. These lingering smells are much harder to locate, and especially difficult to remove.

For the smells and ‘messes’ you can’t see, don’t just cover them with heavier scents, but use ozone. Ozone, or the triple-bonded oxygen molecule O3, has many uses in our natural world, and can be applied in our home. Ozone’s main purpose in our natural environment is to block harmful UV rays from entering our atmosphere, keep necessary oxygen from escaping our atmosphere, but also makes a highly-efficient disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and odors.

With Oshiner’s Air Purifier, you can produce ozone on demand in a washroom to search out odor-causing bacteria so you don’t have to. Instead of putting your nose down and around those hard-to-reach areas to find those lingering smells, let ozone work for you, to find and eliminate unwanted smells. Whether the source is from the trash bin, stale water, or any other area, ozone will break down the smelly-bacteria, leaving a fresher scent and cleaner environment.

Cleaning Surfaces

The majority of these smells, often coming from bacteria breeding areas, are on a surface somewhere in your washroom. There are many areas where bacteria, viruses and fungi may be multiplying right now! For instance, inside your sink, toilet, bathtub, cabinets, ground, daily hygiene products, anywhere and everywhere you can see, especially the places you can’t, has the potential to inhabit illness-causing microorganisms.

For the places you can’t see, ozone gas is an effective option to eliminate these unwanted inhabitants. For the areas more easy accessible, and more highly-used, ozone can still be a valid cleaning option. Ozone-infused water can be used as a more direct approach for concentrating the cleaning capabilities of ozone to a specific area. How Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer works is by creating ozone-rich water in a ergonomic spray-bottle, so that you can spray the ozone-dense water on any surface you wish to disinfect, or sterilize. Ozone-charged water has all of the same cleaning capabilities of ozone gas, with the added advantage of being able to be directed to a specific area or surface where it is needed most.

Health and Safety

The biggest concern for using any type of cleaning product is it’s safety of use. Ozone is no different, and must be used appropriately to be safe. However, in comparison to other common sterilizers such as alcohol, bleach and ammonia, ozone is a much safer alternative. Ozone leaves no chemical residue when it’s used, meaning you can sterilize toothbrushes, towels, glassware, brushes, anything we use on our bodies without the risk of irritation or poisoning.

Ozone also has the added benefit of promoting improved blood circulation in our skin, in contrast to other skin-damaging cleaning products. When ozone is finished sterilizing the targeted area, it continues to break itself down to return to a more stable state, which is breathable O2 oxygen. Ozone in it’s nature is unstable, meaning it wants to create oxygen bonds of two, rather than three. Because of this characteristic in ozone, it makes storing ozone gas very difficult. To remedy this, ozone is produced on demand, eliminating the need for storage or constant repurchasing and replenishing like other cleaners. Just simply make the ozone you need, when you need it, leaving nothing to waste. 


With the many hiding places and breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi and odors in one’s washroom, it is imperative that one keeps cleanliness a top priority. Whether you are cleaning multiple surfaces, eliminating illness-causing bacteria and viruses, or removing revolting and stagnant smells, ozone is your best all-in-one line-of-defence against all of these issues.

Have ozone work for you around the clock to eliminate bad odors, kill bacteria and viruses on commonly used surfaces, and protect your family, giving them an all-around clean environment to enjoy. Include ozone in your cleaning-product arsenal, and you will soon see that ozone is the only tool you need to address all of these problems, and more. Try ozone today, and experience the results for yourself.

Food Safety With Ozone

The kitchen is a crucial area of any home. It is a common gathering place, a place where we prepare food, talk, laugh, and share stories. The kitchen is also a very popular breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, molds, and odors. Because of the significance of the kitchen and the severity of what could happen if these viruses and other pathogens are allowed to multiply unchecked, it is of the upmost importance that we treat the kitchen with respect, and take the cleanliness of our kitchens seriously, making sure it continues to be a safe place for sharing and preparing food.

Bacteria and other serious germs know no boundaries. They will occupy any place they can. Common places include, but are not limited to your fridge, water supply, kitchen surfaces, trash, floors, behind or under counters, literally anywhere and everywhere is a potential germ territory. With so much ground to cover, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start in our fight back against germs and their infectious capabilities.

Often, the best place to start is with choosing the right tool for the job. And the right tool for your fight against bacteria, viruses, dust, odors, mold, fungi, and all other microscopic pests is ozone. Recent studies have tested and proven ozone to be one of the greatest natural disinfectants against these mini infectors. Ozone attaches to and breaks down the cell membranes of these tiny household invaders and oxidizes them, leaving them immobilized and no longer a threat to our health and well-being.

Unsure of how to harness the awesome capabilities of ozone? There are now many products available to the public to produce safe levels of ozone on demand for all of your disinfecting needs. These products and the ozone produced by them, are a much safer alternative to other alcohol and chemical based cleaning products such as isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach, or aerosol sprays. Unlike it’s chemical product counterparts, ozone is completely food-safe, skin-safe, child-friendly, odor-less, and produces oxygen when it is finished working, leaving no harmful residues.

Here are just some of the ways you can use ozone in your kitchen to make a safer environment for you and your family.

In the Fridge

The fridge is a relatively modern appliance in our kitchens that has quickly become an essential part of keeping food chilled and fresh longer. For nearly 100 years, fridges have stored drinks, vegetables, fruit, meat and other foods that would quickly spoil otherwise. Yet, even with an amazing invention like a refrigerator, food and drinks will still undergo natural decomposition at some point, and usually sooner than we would like.

Mini ozone generators have been developed specifically for this purpose, to prolong the decomposition process even more than just with cold temperatures alone, as well as eliminate the unpleasant odors sometimes produced by pungent smelling foods. Having an ozone-generating fridge freshener will also clean proactively, reducing the risk of bacteria reproducing on the food, or spreading to other foods.


One thing many of us may take for granted is having clean drinking water access at the turn of a tap. Whenever we need to cook, clean or just have a drink of water, it is right there for us, and we often trust that it is healthy to use.

But even in the clearest water, there is the potential of bacteria, virus, gaseous, parasitic, heavy metal and mineral contamination. Ozonating the water, in tandem with proper filtration, is the best line of defense against aqua contaminators and the best chance in producing the cleanest water at home. Not only is ozone-charged water much healthier to cook with or consume compared to it’s alternative, chlorine water, but with ozone, there is less odor, less taste, more health benefits and more secondary cleaning benefits. Water infused with ozone will continue to breakdown bacteria and viruses when washing other things with it like vegetables, dishes, cutlery, counter tops and surfaces.


Whether it is in it’s gaseous state or when combined with water, ozone makes a perfect all-round general disinfectant for all areas around the kitchen. Because of it’s unstable nature, ozone is not easily stored like other chemical cleaners. Ozone must be produced on demand when and where it is needed to clean. Engineers have developed ingenious ways to produce the perfect amount of ozone, as a gas or combined with water in a spray, to clean all areas of your home with ease.

Products sure as the Mini Air Purifier produces ozone gas safely and whenever it is needed, attaching to and eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses before they have the chance to land on and contaminate kitchen surfaces. Other products like the Aqua Sterilizer combines regular drinking water with ozone to spray directly on counter tops, handles, sinks, floors and other commonly soiled areas.


With many applications and ways to use ozone in the kitchen, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and odors is as easy as a push of a button. There are many ozone-producing products currently on the market that are as specific or as general as need be for your intended use. Ozone effectively and safely sanitizes all areas of the kitchen, as well as the food directly, leaving no unpleasant smells, tastes, pathogens or harmful residues.

Introduce ozone to your kitchen, and experience a next-level clean that will wow everyone, including yourself. Not only is ozone a great all-around disinfectant that is safe to use, but also provides a safe food environment that you can continue to share with confidence and reassurance to your friends and family.