Food Safety With Ozone

The kitchen is a crucial area of any home. It is a common gathering place, a place where we prepare food, talk, laugh, and share stories. The kitchen is also a very popular breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, molds, and odors. Because of the significance of the kitchen and the severity of what could happen if these viruses and other pathogens are allowed to multiply unchecked, it is of the upmost importance that we treat the kitchen with respect, and take the cleanliness of our kitchens seriously, making sure it continues to be a safe place for sharing and preparing food.

Bacteria and other serious germs know no boundaries. They will occupy any place they can. Common places include, but are not limited to your fridge, water supply, kitchen surfaces, trash, floors, behind or under counters, literally anywhere and everywhere is a potential germ territory. With so much ground to cover, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start in our fight back against germs and their infectious capabilities.

Often, the best place to start is with choosing the right tool for the job. And the right tool for your fight against bacteria, viruses, dust, odors, mold, fungi, and all other microscopic pests is ozone. Recent studies have tested and proven ozone to be one of the greatest natural disinfectants against these mini infectors. Ozone attaches to and breaks down the cell membranes of these tiny household invaders and oxidizes them, leaving them immobilized and no longer a threat to our health and well-being.

Unsure of how to harness the awesome capabilities of ozone? There are now many products available to the public to produce safe levels of ozone on demand for all of your disinfecting needs. These products and the ozone produced by them, are a much safer alternative to other alcohol and chemical based cleaning products such as isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach, or aerosol sprays. Unlike it’s chemical product counterparts, ozone is completely food-safe, skin-safe, child-friendly, odor-less, and produces oxygen when it is finished working, leaving no harmful residues.

Here are just some of the ways you can use ozone in your kitchen to make a safer environment for you and your family.

In the Fridge

The fridge is a relatively modern appliance in our kitchens that has quickly become an essential part of keeping food chilled and fresh longer. For nearly 100 years, fridges have stored drinks, vegetables, fruit, meat and other foods that would quickly spoil otherwise. Yet, even with an amazing invention like a refrigerator, food and drinks will still undergo natural decomposition at some point, and usually sooner than we would like.

Mini ozone generators have been developed specifically for this purpose, to prolong the decomposition process even more than just with cold temperatures alone, as well as eliminate the unpleasant odors sometimes produced by pungent smelling foods. Having an ozone-generating fridge freshener will also clean proactively, reducing the risk of bacteria reproducing on the food, or spreading to other foods.


One thing many of us may take for granted is having clean drinking water access at the turn of a tap. Whenever we need to cook, clean or just have a drink of water, it is right there for us, and we often trust that it is healthy to use.

But even in the clearest water, there is the potential of bacteria, virus, gaseous, parasitic, heavy metal and mineral contamination. Ozonating the water, in tandem with proper filtration, is the best line of defense against aqua contaminators and the best chance in producing the cleanest water at home. Not only is ozone-charged water much healthier to cook with or consume compared to it’s alternative, chlorine water, but with ozone, there is less odor, less taste, more health benefits and more secondary cleaning benefits. Water infused with ozone will continue to breakdown bacteria and viruses when washing other things with it like vegetables, dishes, cutlery, counter tops and surfaces.


Whether it is in it’s gaseous state or when combined with water, ozone makes a perfect all-round general disinfectant for all areas around the kitchen. Because of it’s unstable nature, ozone is not easily stored like other chemical cleaners. Ozone must be produced on demand when and where it is needed to clean. Engineers have developed ingenious ways to produce the perfect amount of ozone, as a gas or combined with water in a spray, to clean all areas of your home with ease.

Products sure as the Mini Air Purifier produces ozone gas safely and whenever it is needed, attaching to and eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses before they have the chance to land on and contaminate kitchen surfaces. Other products like the Aqua Sterilizer combines regular drinking water with ozone to spray directly on counter tops, handles, sinks, floors and other commonly soiled areas.


With many applications and ways to use ozone in the kitchen, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and odors is as easy as a push of a button. There are many ozone-producing products currently on the market that are as specific or as general as need be for your intended use. Ozone effectively and safely sanitizes all areas of the kitchen, as well as the food directly, leaving no unpleasant smells, tastes, pathogens or harmful residues.

Introduce ozone to your kitchen, and experience a next-level clean that will wow everyone, including yourself. Not only is ozone a great all-around disinfectant that is safe to use, but also provides a safe food environment that you can continue to share with confidence and reassurance to your friends and family.