Ozone water purifier, more applications, applied in many places
Oshiner Multi-purpose Purifier has two water outlets, it can be used for every household scene to clean and disinfect all kinds of surfaces.
Ozone laundry system, applied in household laundry
Oshiner Purewash is a kind of instant ozone water purifier, it can be used for laundry with less or no chemical detergent, to sterilize, decontaminate, deodorize the clothes and remove the chemical residues from the clothes.
Household ozone water purifier, applied in kitchen wash and bathing
With the ozone water, Oshiner Mini Purifier can not only clean and sterilize the tableware, fruit, vegetable in the kitchen, but also prevent and treat the oral disease, cure various bacterial skin disease, disinfect and deodorize your pet.
Ozone water purifier, applied in many commercial scenes
Oshiner Commercial Purifier can be applied in commercial scenes for cleaning and disinfecting all kinds of surfaces, such as laundry house, school, hotel, canteen, etc.


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Our Clients Feedback

  • “I was very skeptical but still decided to take a try. It took only 5 minutes to install the device. I immediately ran a small load of white laundry in cold water using no detergent. The clothes come out surprisingly clean. It truly works!!!”

    David Gawman, UK
  • “The air purifier works well and is very light. It looks great and is smaller and thinner than I expected in a good way. The unit does a great job of knocking down odors and leaving the room fresh.”

    Phoebe, Germany
  • “Awesome! It is compact and takes up little to no space in the fridge. It is easy to charge and holds the charge for weeks. Not only have I noticed a dramatic increase in the life of my fruits and veggies, but it has cleared out any and all odors from my refrigerator.”

    Edwards, California