Spring is in the Air

Spring has sprung! The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming. Springtime is a time for renewal and regrowth. Many of us look forward to the refreshed environment brought by the changing of the seasons, especially after those long and cold winters. Alternatively, there are some who dread springtime and the challenges it brings. Those of us who suffer from dust and pollen allergies and sensitive immune systems must always be on guard during this time especially.

Every time we go outside or open a window, could be a chance to have an allergic reaction, have difficultly breathing, get a scratchy throat, develop a cold or flu, and rely on different medications while experiencing discomfort for weeks or months on end. Spring should be a time to rejoice for all and feel the freshness that comes with the season, not a time to shut one’s self inside in fear of getting sick.

For those of us with a seasonal allergy or who expect yearly colds or flu’s brought on by the change of weather and environment, there is a way to enjoy all of the beauty of spring, not just from the sidelines. Ozone, while vital for our atmosphere keeping the oxygen on Earth for all of us to breath, also serves another purpose. Ozone is one of nature’s best and more efficient cleansers against bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbes, dust, pollen and harsh odors.

With ozone disinfection, there is no more need to fear the spring, as there is now a way to enjoy the changes in the environment first-hand rather than through a closed window or bedside.

Dust and Pollen

A word almost synonymous with “spring” for many people is “allergy”. Springtime means a wide regrowth of flowers, shrubs, grass, crops, and with all of the regrowth comes pollen. Pollen is the powdery substance produced by vegetation to pollinate or reproduce with other like-plants. This pollen is necessary for ensuring the health and growth of vital food crops, oxygen-producing trees, plants and shrubs.

Pollen is an essential part of the life cycle for plants and in turn all life on Earth. The effects that pollen has on people however is not as romantic. When pollen is floating through the air and come in contact with people who have pollen allergies, effects on that person can range from a runny nose, to difficulty breathing or worse depending on the severity.

Dust is also a common occurrence especially during springtime. Those who possess dust allergies experience similar symptoms to those with pollen allergies. Usually, but not always, these two allergies are overlapping, meaning those with pollen allergies will also be sensitive to dust, and vise versa.

One of the best defenses against unwanted pollen is having a good air purifier. Air purifiers, whether in your home, such as the Mini Air Purifier, or on the go like the Car Air Purifier, eliminate pollen and dust from the air. Ozone is used by the Mini Air Purifier to attach itself to the pollen and dust, breaking them down and weighing them down so that they are no longer harmful and one longer airborne. What ozone is not being used is simply converted back into breathable oxygen. In the Car Air Purifier, a HEPA (or High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter is used to catch the smallest airborne dust, pollen, bacteria, spore, virus microbes. It accomplishes this by having incredibly fine static fibers in the filter, able to catch the smallest pollutants, leaving only clean air to pass through back into the environment.       


The changing of season also awakes dormant pathogens, releasing them back into the environment. This, paired with a change in temperature creates the perfect recipe for provoking underlying symptoms or sensitive immune systems to illness. Spring time is when sensitive groups of people should be extra cautious about their environment, to ensure that they stay healthy by limiting the risk of cross contamination by keeping their immediate surrounding and daily objects sterile.

One of the most common disinfectants to use is alcohol, but using alcohol daily also has its disadvantages. Alcohol is poisonous if consumed, harmful to skin after prolonged use, cause skin, eyes, throat, lung irritations, as well as other more serious side effects.

Ozone, while also requiring some precautions when using, is just as effective at disinfecting surfaces as alcohol, without the serious side-effects. Ozone produced by Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer, Fridge Freshener, or other related products is completely safe on skin, as well as food safe and safe if ingested. Ozone can be used to sanitize specific areas and surfaces, without leaving any chemical residue, while leaving a neutral-freshness.

Ozone disinfection works on many levels, in many ways, and in different settings. O3 is an extremely adaptable and effective tool that can be used to lower the risk of allergic reactions due to dust or pollen, as well as eliminate seasonal influenza. By switching to ozone for your air purification and sanitation needs, you no longer need to suffer during the changing of the season, but rather more easily enjoy it in all of it’s beauty.

Spring is a time of regrowth, rebirth and rejoice. Everyone should have the ability to enjoy the changes of spring without having to worry about getting sick or suffering from allergies. Using ozone around the home or on the go can significantly reduce the risk of these ailments and more, by purifying the environment around you, both air and surfaces. Try ozone, and take back control over your life, while enjoying all that life has to offer.