Ozone for the Washroom

A washroom can be an oasis or a dishevelment. If neglected for even a short while, the washroom can change from a room of relief to a room of disgust and despair. Even a short trip to an otherwise spotless washroom can change the whole atmosphere from one of flowery aromas and clinic-ly clean appliances to a bio-hazardous bilge.

The washroom, like any other room in one’s house, requires regular and rigorous upkeep, even more so than other rooms because of the nature of its purpose. We go to the washroom to cleanse our bodies of dirt and waste, but it is also our responsibility to cleanse our washrooms of dirt and waste as well.

As a clean washroom adds to the overall environment of a healthy home, it is also often the most judged room in a house by its cleanliness, which also reflects on the standards of it’s owners. However, proactively keeping a washroom clean doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the use of ozone-generating appliances, such as Oshiner’s Air Purifier, Aqua Sterilizer, and Bin Deodorizer, keeping a washroom clean, healthy, and smelling great has never been easier!


A defining characteristic often associated with washrooms in general is ‘smell’. The smell of a washroom is the first thing people tend to notice and judge when entering the room. Whether the smell is ‘lovely’ or ‘horrendous’ or somewhere in between, smell can often play a huge impact on the state of cleanliness of the washroom.

There are many ways to combat unwanted smells in the washroom. The most popular choice is to just ‘cover’ the smell in stronger smelling products or scents, such as aerosol ‘fresheners’, popery, or candles. Another more reliable way is of course finding the source of smell, and removing it. When the source of the smell is removed, there is often a ‘lingering’ smell that sticks around and continues to pester the senses. These lingering smells are much harder to locate, and especially difficult to remove.

For the smells and ‘messes’ you can’t see, don’t just cover them with heavier scents, but use ozone. Ozone, or the triple-bonded oxygen molecule O3, has many uses in our natural world, and can be applied in our home. Ozone’s main purpose in our natural environment is to block harmful UV rays from entering our atmosphere, keep necessary oxygen from escaping our atmosphere, but also makes a highly-efficient disinfectant against bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and odors.

With Oshiner’s Air Purifier, you can produce ozone on demand in a washroom to search out odor-causing bacteria so you don’t have to. Instead of putting your nose down and around those hard-to-reach areas to find those lingering smells, let ozone work for you, to find and eliminate unwanted smells. Whether the source is from the trash bin, stale water, or any other area, ozone will break down the smelly-bacteria, leaving a fresher scent and cleaner environment.

Cleaning Surfaces

The majority of these smells, often coming from bacteria breeding areas, are on a surface somewhere in your washroom. There are many areas where bacteria, viruses and fungi may be multiplying right now! For instance, inside your sink, toilet, bathtub, cabinets, ground, daily hygiene products, anywhere and everywhere you can see, especially the places you can’t, has the potential to inhabit illness-causing microorganisms.

For the places you can’t see, ozone gas is an effective option to eliminate these unwanted inhabitants. For the areas more easy accessible, and more highly-used, ozone can still be a valid cleaning option. Ozone-infused water can be used as a more direct approach for concentrating the cleaning capabilities of ozone to a specific area. How Oshiner’s Aqua Sterilizer works is by creating ozone-rich water in a ergonomic spray-bottle, so that you can spray the ozone-dense water on any surface you wish to disinfect, or sterilize. Ozone-charged water has all of the same cleaning capabilities of ozone gas, with the added advantage of being able to be directed to a specific area or surface where it is needed most.

Health and Safety

The biggest concern for using any type of cleaning product is it’s safety of use. Ozone is no different, and must be used appropriately to be safe. However, in comparison to other common sterilizers such as alcohol, bleach and ammonia, ozone is a much safer alternative. Ozone leaves no chemical residue when it’s used, meaning you can sterilize toothbrushes, towels, glassware, brushes, anything we use on our bodies without the risk of irritation or poisoning.

Ozone also has the added benefit of promoting improved blood circulation in our skin, in contrast to other skin-damaging cleaning products. When ozone is finished sterilizing the targeted area, it continues to break itself down to return to a more stable state, which is breathable O2 oxygen. Ozone in it’s nature is unstable, meaning it wants to create oxygen bonds of two, rather than three. Because of this characteristic in ozone, it makes storing ozone gas very difficult. To remedy this, ozone is produced on demand, eliminating the need for storage or constant repurchasing and replenishing like other cleaners. Just simply make the ozone you need, when you need it, leaving nothing to waste. 


With the many hiding places and breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi and odors in one’s washroom, it is imperative that one keeps cleanliness a top priority. Whether you are cleaning multiple surfaces, eliminating illness-causing bacteria and viruses, or removing revolting and stagnant smells, ozone is your best all-in-one line-of-defence against all of these issues.

Have ozone work for you around the clock to eliminate bad odors, kill bacteria and viruses on commonly used surfaces, and protect your family, giving them an all-around clean environment to enjoy. Include ozone in your cleaning-product arsenal, and you will soon see that ozone is the only tool you need to address all of these problems, and more. Try ozone today, and experience the results for yourself.