Laundry G6

Oshiner Laundry G6

Oshiner Laundry G6 belongs to household ozone water treatment equipment.
The sterilization rate can up to 99.8% of the ozone water produced by this device, it has removal of detergent residues and other effects, and 75% reducion in the amount of laundry liquid.
It uses desiccant for air drying, pipe secondary injection prevents water leakage, and adds a water outlet to meet more water needs.


Commodity Oshiner Laundry G6
Model OSN-LS01002WT
Electrical Input: AC 100-240V/50-60Hz

Output: DC 12V3A

Water Pressure 20~100 PSI
Flow Rate 3.5L~8L/min
Ozone Concentration 0.5~1.0 mg/L
Desiccant Content(Max) 520g
Operating Temperature 0~50℃
Product Dimension 41.4*9.7*29cm
Net Weight 2.6KG