Cleaning Up After Pets

Pet lovers love their pets. Those who accept the responsibility of owning a pet, also should take on the responsibility of feeding them, bathing them, giving them fresh water, shelter, and of course, cleaning up after them.

Pets can tend to be a little messy, and it seems to be that the bigger the pet is, the bigger the mess will be. Whether it be odors, urine, mud or bacteria, if you can’t stay ahead of the mess, it can quickly build up and become unmissable.

With all the responsibilities of pet ownership, the most time consuming, labour-intensive part is of course the clean up. Luckily, ozone can help with nearly all aspects of the cleaning the mess, and giving everyone a more comfortable environment to live.

Ozone is not only a main and vitally important part of our atmosphere, but also works as an effective sterilizer for around the house. With newly developed technology and ozone-generating products, ozone can be produced safely and on demand, eliminating odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and dust effectively, aiding in the seemingly never-ending cleanup.


One thing that is often noticed before seeing your pet is it’s smell. If the smell of your pet is strong and undeniably noticeable, it can often cause distance between you and your pet, like an invisible, smelly-barrier.

It is common and completely natural for pets to have their own smell that is produced by there bodies or as a product of their environment. Sometimes their smell becomes familiar and comforting. Other times, the smell can become unbearable, intolerable or down-right disgusting.

Frequent baths for your pet can be time consuming if done by yourself, or costly if done by others. As an alternative to bathing often or pet deodorants, ozone can be utilized to eliminate the harsh smells.

Ozone is safe on pet skin, instantly eliminating excess bacteria which produce the unpleasant smells. Ozone doesn’t just cover up the smell like most shampoos and deodorants, but gets rid of the cause of the smells, protecting the animal’s skin, and leaving a fresh natural scent.

Ozone also has the added bonus of increasing oxygen in the skin, improving blood quality and circulation. Ozone therapy on animals is currently being practiced with the benefits being recorded across vet clinics around America and Europe.

Urine and Feces

A pet’s bodily functions, like our own, are a reality. Before a pet becomes house-broken, there is a learning-curve to be dealt with. This means that mistakes will be expected, guaranteeing that urine and feces will be part of the clean up.

There are positive and negative ways to train a pet how and where to “do their business”, but as for cleaning up their “business”, you have options. There are of course the common-household cleaners, that are highly-concentrated, alcohol-based, and extremely toxic. There are also the “pet friendly” alternatives that may or may not work as advertised.

One option that will work, is ozone. Ozone gas or fused with water, can easily and effectively assist with cleaning up the smelliest, and or wettest messes, leaving no toxic residue and no lingering smell. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about if it will harm your pet, because it is 100% natural and dissolves into oxygen when it is finished eliminating the left-behind bacteria and odors.

Mud and Water

Pets that go outside have the tendency to bring a little bit of the outside, inside with them. What comes inside with them is dust, dirt, moisture, mud, which is then tracked around the house, possibly to the furniture, and then onto it’s occupants.

It can be good practice to clean your pet’s paws and fur as they are coming back into the house from their nature walks, but clean them with what? Of course you would want something gentle on their paws, fur, and skin. You would also want something that effectively cleans the mud and dirt off of your pet, without hassle or harm.

Ozone is a great option for cleaning your pet before re-entering your home. Ozone sticks to dust particles so that they do not become airborne when leaving your pet. Ozone also gets rid of any bacteria or odors that may be tagging along on your pet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to release and reproduce.

Don’t give dirt and bacteria a chance to infect you, your pet or your family. Use ozone to stay one step ahead, and proactive against germs.


Every animal carries bacteria. Luckily the bacteria that is produced naturally by people is generally harmless to ourselves. Likewise, the bacteria produced by animals is harmless to themselves.

That being said, bacteria that is not produced by ourselves is foreign and can cause us to become ill or worse. Once ill, our bodies need to work especially hard in an already difficult situation to try and fight these foreign bacteria, sometimes leading to the need of medicine or medical attention.

Protect yourself, your family, and your pets from these foreign bacteria and viruses with ozone.


While we love our pets, they require extra care. Not only is it necessary to feed them, give them fresh water, shelter, bathe them, but of course, it is also necessary to clean up after them.

Cleaning up after your pet can seem endless, tasking, and messy. Luckily, ozone can help with nearly all aspects of the clean up, from odors to bacteria. Ozone makes clean ups a breeze, leaving a clean, fresh and safe environment for you and your pets.

Don’t just ignore the mess, stay ahead of it. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a task, make it a breeze, with ozone.