Clean Sparkle Shine Part II

As we have seen in the past, ozone has many applications when cleaning around the house. In gas form or when bonded with water, ozone is an extremely effective disinfectant. With the ability to instantly eliminate almost all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, microscopic parasites, odors, dust and other common irritants, ozone is revolutionizing the way we clean.

From ease of use, the many applications, the effectiveness of cleanliness, ozone is the smart choice for anyone looking to make any space a bit more fresh, and a whole lot healthier.

This is a continuation of the last blog, Clean, Sparkle Shine Part I where we mention areas in our daily lives that can be positively effected by ozone. In this blog, we will talk about the cleaning difference ozone can make in one’s fridge, trash bin, and drinking water. These three things are some of the most common sources of germs and dirt in our homes, and require regular cleaning and sanitizing.

Disinfecting the fridge

When thinking about the dirty areas of our kitchens, perhaps we will think the sink, trash bin, or even ground. While these areas can indeed become rightfully messy, and require regular upkeep, there is another area that is often overlooked. It is in our nature to stray away from seemingly redundant work, or shying away from cleaning something if it is not visibly soiled. That being said, even things that seem clean can be riddled with illness-causing bacteria or viruses.

Our fridges hold our food, keep vegetables and meat fresh, and our drinks cold. A fridge is a fundamental appliance in many households, yet fridges are often neglected from being cleaned for weeks, months, even years at a time. After all, if it does not look dirty, then why should it be cleaned?

A fridge can easily appear to be clean, but in reality be filled with odor and possible illness caused by bacteria and mold, waiting to hitch a ride with the food inside. These bacteria, viruses and mold can not only have the potential to make us sick, but they can also cause the food in the fridge to breakdown and spoil more quickly, wasting the food and wasting money.

With the addition of an ozone-generating device in your fridge, such as Oshiner’s Fridge Freshener, you can add ozone into the air of your fridge, eliminating all bacteria, virus and fungus that may be hiding. Adding ozone into the air of your fridge also has the added bonus of keeping veggies tasting fresher and lasting much longer. 

Eliminating Germs and Odors

Hiding in the kitchen, either behind a cupboard door or stuffed in the corner is the inevitable trash bin. The trash bin is also a nesting ground for bacteria and odors. Bathrooms, bedrooms, any room, the trash bin knows no boundaries in terms of rooms it may be breeding germs and odors.

There are smartly designed devices which add small amounts of ozone into the trash bin to get rid of any possible lurching bacteria. Devices like the O3 Bin Deodorizer are designed specifically to set inside of a trash bin lid, eliminating any and all bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors. In summary, ozone cleaning your garbage, keeping you safe and breathing clean, smell-less air.

Cleansing water

It is a blessing to have clean drinking water, as there are unfortunately some without that basic need. Even with the privilege of water, there still may be something inside that would cause illness or odor or taste. Ozone is great at disinfecting water and eliminating any of the unseeable ailments. That is why ozone has been used at a municipal level to disinfect communal water supplies.

If you have any taste or smells in your water, chemical or earthy, try ozone. There are ozone generating devices that clean household water, producing cleaner, fresher, purer water.

In conclusion, ozone has a wide range of uses in our homes and daily lives. From disinfecting the air we breath, sanitizing the surfaces we use, to keeping our fridges fresh, our trash bins free of odor, and our water supply in our homes, ozone can enhance the cleaning routine in all of our homes.

Give ozone a try, and experience first-hand the cleaning potential of ozone. More versatile than disinfecting with alcohol, without the risk of drying out skin or causing illness if ingested, there is very little risk when using ozone.

Introducing ozone into your home can be done incredibly simply with little-to-no setup, and with ease of use as basic as a push of a button, you owe it to yourself and your family to live in a cleaner, fresher environment.