Ozone in the Car

Of all the possible uses ozone has to offer as an all-purpose daily disinfectant, one of the more practical uses that it can be utilized is in the car.

Think about it, for those who use a car or other automobile as a necessary mode of transportation because of where you live, it is highly likely that they also spend time driving to work in said vehicle, or to go shopping, or to the hospital, or to an appointment. A car is necessary tool for many people and for all the time that we spend in our vehicles, how much time is spent on thinking about the air quality where we sit?

The need for breathing clean air doesn’t change when we step inside a vehicle, yet those who drive often put up with some unpleasant and even hazardous smells, odors or gases coming from inside or outside the vehicle. Modern vehicles remedy these hazardous by making the vehicle cabins nearly air-tight, with air that cycles through a cabin filter that is often over-looking during regular maintenance checks.

That means we must be vigilant ourselves about the cabin air we breath and the hidden hazardous of car ownership. Let’s look at how ozone is one of the best methods of not only cleansing the air in your car or vehicle, but also sanitizing surfaces, restoring car interiors after disaster and how ozone is already being applied in public transit. 

Cleansing the Air/Eliminating Smells

One’s car is the workhorse of themselves and their family. In many, many places around the world, the car is necessary for commuting to and from work, taking family to important appointments, make a little money on the side, or just to go out for a drive to relieve stress. We spend a lot of time in our cars, some more often than others, but what doesn’t get enough thought is the quality of the air we breathe in our cars.

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In most cases, a personal car for most is still gas powered, or you live around other carbon powered cars. These fumes, along with other dust, germs, gases, particles can be hazardous on a person’s health if they are inhaled regularly.

Smoking is also still a common pass time for most, and smoking in a car during a break can be seen as a temporary oasis, with a long-lasting smell.

Ozone reacts with these types of gases, odors produced by bacteria and particles, either weighing them down or breaking them down so that they are not being inhaled by us. O3 then dissolves back into regular breathable oxygen, or O2 and is absorbed as needed. 

Disinfecting Surfaces

Ozone as a gas or added to water is a great disinfectant for surface contaminates as well. Ozone is able to kill 99.99% of almost all viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, and parasites hiding at a microscopic level.

Ozone is generated through the process of a high voltage current or UV light, and then focused at and around the desired area needing to be disinfected. It can be concentrated so that it is small and compact. In this form, it is great for disinfecting on the go, in place of alcohol based products.

O3 generation can also be produced at a much higher concentration and is done when needed by trained professionals with proper handling equipment.

Professional Interior Restoration

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always kind to our cars, nor does she have an obligation to be considerate of our contraptions. Regardless, nature and machine have been known to mingle, sometimes in unfavorable conditions. In terms of our automobiles, fires, floods, windows being left down by mistake can mean mold and other hazards.

Professionals in the commercial and residential restoration business often will use high concentrations of ozone for deep-cleaning interiors of weather-beaten vehicles. High concentration ozone is great for this type of cleaning for nearly all fabrics, materials, fibers, when done safely with the proper equipment. High concentrations of ozone can be hazardous in itself, that is why it is necessary to take proper precautions when handling. 

Public Transit Applications

If given a choice, most would choose to drive their own vehicles other than ride the public transit. For those of us who require to use public transit, or choose to too, it would be nice to know that all around you has been cleaned and sanitized, especially in those close-encounter moments.

This is one case among many on how having an on-the-go, ozone spray comes in handy. As ozone generators can be made commercial-grade, they can also be made smaller and safer to use in a pinch or around the house. This type of device can be used to sanitize surfaces on your way, in your car, wherever you are.


So as we have seen, there are many applications for ozone in our day-to-day lives in an effort to fight back against illness causing viruses and germs. Large scale and small, ozone can be used around you on surface or in the air. In regards to being in the car, ozone has many upsides for disinfecting both retroactively and for restoring weather damage.

For the everyday person, an on-the-go ozone generator is perfect for the on-the-go individual. In this case, whether you are in the car or out and about, having a compact ozone generator able to fit in your pocket or purse can be a huge benefit. Start introducing ozone disinfection in your life and see how