Electrolysis Ozone: Water Has Become Your Best Ally Against Bacteria & Virus!

After witnessing the devastating consequences a single organism can have on the fate of the world, we have come to realize that more emphasis should be put on on how we collectively and individually handle hygiene. More than ever before, we understand that cleaning our living, working and leisure spaces requires more than the traditional sweeping, soap washing or vacuuming.

And when it comes to personal cleanliness, the use of hand sanitizers have become a daily necessity to kill germs and bacteria on your hands. But this option comes with a few inconveniences.

According to the CDC (the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), to be most efficient, hand sanitizers have to contain between 60-95% alcohol (ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) (1). When the alcohol concentration is under the recommended percentages, hand sanitizers merely reduce the growth rate of germs instead of killing them directly.

Though usually considered safe, hand sanitizers with high alcohol concentration levels regularly applied on the skin are not without effect on your health. In fact, minimal systematic toxicity is associated with ingestion or dermal contact with ethanol-based hand sanitizer while a continuous application of the same can lead to chronic toxicity (2). “Dermal contact of ethanol cause irritation and allergic condition of skin and eyes while prolonged exposure results into dryness or cracking of skin with peeling redness or itching”, stated the Elsevier Public Health Emergency Collection, in their 2020 article.

They added that “Excessive use of alcohol based sanitizer increases permeability of skin and deprives oil and water from skin that leads to skin roughness and irritation. Dry and damaged skin is a hotbed for many disease causing bacteria with increased risk of virus entry into skin”, making the solution become the problem. So what should you do now? You still need to disinfect your hands regularly and sometimes many times a day.

But what if you had an alternative? A solution that could give you all the benefits of the traditional hand sanitizer but without the inconveniences.

This is why Oshiner presents you it’s newest innovation for personal hand hygiene: Aqua Sterilizer, the disinfecting power of ozone technology at hand!

Oshiner Aqua Sterilizer utilizes electrolysis ozone technique to transform water into a disinfectant with no alcohol or any other chemical involved.

Ozone has been proven to be one of the most efficient disinfectants, killing 99.99% of bacteria and virus at once. This long time industrially used disinfectant is now at your reach.

How does it work?

You just fill Aqua Sterilizer with water, press the botton and wait 1 minute. After which, you can use the ozonized water to thoroughly disinfect your hands and even surfaces. Aqua Sterilizer is 100% Skin Friendly because ozonated water is harmless for the skin, even for babies, and contains 0% Chemicals: only needs water to run.

Make the best choice for your skin with Oshiner Aqua Sterilizer.