Freshen the Bathroom ASAP!

You cannot imagine how many germs hidden in your bathroom. You might easily discover the obvious dirts from the toilet seat, the floor, or the wall. But the worst is you have no idea of how dirty of your toothbrush, the towel, the makeup brushes, the shaver and others in the room.

The conventional air purifier is only to eliminate the odor, dust or microscopic air pollutants via filters and fan, which can hardly sterilize the germs and bacteria in the air. Your toothbrush might have at least 200,000 bacteria per square inch. It could be dirtier than your toilet.

                                                                                                                                                                    [Picture from Internet]

To improve IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is the top priority to keep your bathroom at cleanest! 

Oshiner Mini Air Purifier, uses the ozone technology to clean the air with no filters and kill the odor & harmful germs safely. 


♦ No Filters to Replace

♦ Small & Tiny – It’s just like an iPhone 7 Plus!

♦ Touch Screen to Easily Operate

♦ Timing Switch to Safely Control

♦ Low Energy Consumption

The air purifier is very tiny that it’s just like an iPhone 7 plus. With the plug-in design, it’s very space-saving. There’re 3 timing options, which is lightly to be used. And the ozone concentration is strictly controlled under 0,1ppm (US & EU Standard). You don’t need to worry about overusing the ozone and affect the health.

What you wait for? Start to freshen your bathroom NOW!