6 Ways to Use Ozone at Home

Ozone has been used as a disinfectant in homes and industries for decades. It is a very powerful natural disinfectant, much more powerful than chlorine or alcohol. Even though ozone is relatively safe to use compared to other store bought sanitizers, it is still able to effectively breakdown and kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, odors, harmful metals, and other common contaminates. Ozone is also very versatile, being able to disinfect hard and soft surfaces, liquids and the air the fills our homes. When using ozone in a house, how can you effectively clean common areas we use everyday such as kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, garages and cars. Let’s dive in and see how you can apply the cleaning power of ozone to any part of your house.


The kitchen is easily either the most used used or most neglected room of any house. Whether you use your kitchen a few times per day or a few times per year, it is an essential room to keep clean. Being the place were food is stored, cooked, and served, a kitchen is a potential breeding ground for millions of viruses and bacteria, among other microbes. These bacteria are able to harbour and spread throughout the kitchen, contaminating the food meant for you and your family.

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The good news is that even the hungriest, most stubborn bacteria and viruses are no match for ozone. When ozone reacts and breaks down contaminates in a kitchen, there are no harmful residues left behind from the disinfecting process. Even sanitizing food and food surfaces directly is no problem for ozone. Is the food in your fridge spoiling, causing an unpleasant odor? Ozone can help eliminate odors and get rid of food-spoiling bacteria. Something in your dry storage causing a musky smell? Ozone can kill the source of the smell and reduce the risk of fungi or mold forming. Kitchen garbage sticking up the room? Ozone has you covered. Tired of using harsh chemicals to clean counter tops? Try using ozone instead. Ozone can turn cleaning the kitchen from a chore, to an invigorating experience where you are in control, and health is the goal.

Living Room

Sitting down on the sofa with your feet up, watching your favorite TV show with your favorite people and your favorite drink by your side is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. Unfortunately for most, work only continues when they get home, usually in the form of house chores. One room often over-looked is the living room. A place where families go to unwind, catch up, or just chill out, it is a room that should be comfortable and free from the underlying thought of work needing to be done.

Because the living room is often the room with the most people presence, there is often a lot of dust that accumulates quickly, brought it by it’s occupants. This dust can cause irritations, stuffiness, and other health issues. Ozone air disinfection attacks dust, attaching to the dust particles and weighing them down so that they are more easily swept up and disposed. Ozone also rids the air of any other air-borne contaminates such as air-borne viruses, bacteria, fungi, and microscopic parasites that could cause even more damage if they were to be inhaled or ingested.

When getting together in the living room, make sure that you focus on the quality time spent relaxing or just being with the people you love. Do not let the quality of the air come between you and your peace of mind.


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The bathroom is often regarded, sometimes inaccurately, as being the most dirty room of a house. The bathroom may get it’s dirt-rap because of it’s purpose. We usually use the bathroom to clean ourselves and rid our bodies of dirt and waste. Without regular care and upkeep, a bathroom can be a paradise for bacteria, viruses, odors, fungi, almost every imaginable contaminate that we work so hard to avoid, or at least keep at bay. Even after a single-use, a bathroom can go from a sweet-smelling oasis to smelling like a residential landfill. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the cleaning products available for the sole purpose of cleaning a bathroom, but what if it did not have to be that difficult or confusing.

Ozone can make the decision-making process much less complicated. Ozone is able to disinfect surfaces, eliminate odors and kill hard-to-reach bacteria, as well as work hand-in-hand with other cleaners safely. Use less cleaners, save money, and enjoy the serenity of a clean bathroom.


Generally speaking, we spend the most of our time in our bedrooms. Almost a third of our lives is spent asleep. Sleep should be a restful and stress-free. The air we breath while we sleep can have a huge impact on our sleeping patterns. Having irregular, restless sleeps can be just as dangerous as developing some diseases. Ozone can be used to rid the air of heavy, harmful contaminates that create a stuffy atmosphere. Breathing clean air while you sleep can drastically improve the quality of your sleep, allowing you to lead a more healthy, productive day.   


Working from home has become a growing trend over the past few years. But did you know that an office environment is a perfect setting for bacteria and viruses to multiply and thrive. Dust and bacteria are able to harbour in office appliances, furniture, carpet, curtains, literally everywhere you can and cannot see is a potential bacteria and dust breeding ground. While there are some products that suck or blow the dust and bacteria away, ozone is able to catch and breakdown these bacteria. Ozone gives the peace of mind that the bacteria is eliminated and not just pushed to a new space in the same room.

Garage and Car

Arguably the most obviously dusty and dirty room of any house, a garage can host a plethora of dust, bacteria, viruses and fungi. With all of these microbes mingling, they can produce unpleasant odors and even worse air quality. These air and surface contaminates are then easily transmissible to your car or anything else being kept in the garage. Ozone breaks down these contaminates at their source, ensuring that they are not transferred to higher-traffic areas around your home.

With dust, germs and disease hiding around every corner, one must always be on high alert. Before current technological advancements, being on high-alert meant preparing ones self with an arsenal of cleaning products specific to certain rooms or applications. Now, being prepared can be as simple as having one product ready for action against almost every type of germ, disease and fungus imaginable. Ozone is revolutionizing the way we clean, making it simpler to protect you, your family, and your home against these microscopic invaders. When choosing a cleaning product that can really do it all, choose ozone.