10 Things to Love About Air Purifiers

Do you still use traditional chemical-releasing air ‘fresheners’? Did you know that a good quality air purifier not only freshens the air more effectively than those other air fresheners, but also gets rid of many other harmful air particles, making the air you breathe more healthy for you and your family? Here are ten other reasons why we love air purifiers and why you should also consider having an air purifier in your home right now!

1.Have Better Sleeps At Night

If you’re anything like me, you NEED your sleep. There is nothing worst than not being able to fall asleep at night, watching the time slowly creep by towards the undeniable fact that the alarm to get up and get ready is getting nearer and nearer. And then once you finally get to sleep, you are periodically waken up by the slightest sounds, smells or feeling of unrest. Bottom line, having a good nights sleep is important, not only for your mood, but also for your overall health. Having a sound sleep is made sounder with the help of a good air purifier cleansing the air of any pollutants that may disrupt your precious hours under the covers.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Smells

We all have had that unfortunate experience of when you walk into a room and an other-worldly smell hits you like a nasty-fragrant freight train. Most Air Purifiers are able to filter out unwanted particles, gases and smells from the air we breathe, leaving only clean, scent-free air.

3. Take the Power of Clean Air With You Wherever You Go

With advancements in technology, Air Purifiers have been made available in many different shapes and sizes. Some purifiers are so compact that they are able to fit in your pocket and be taken literally anywhere and be used whenever they’re needed.

4. Reduce the Risk of Mold in Your Home

Surprisingly, mold is everywhere even if you can’t see it. Mold spores are so small that they can easily attach to your clothes, skin or hair and be carried around with you wherever you go. While relatively harmless to most, Mold can be especially dangerous to anyone with asthma, a sensitive immune system, allergies, et cetera. Having a good quality air purifier can effectively catch and kill mold spores in your home before they are able to cause any potential danger to you or your loved ones.

5. Have a Safer Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is a very delicate time as a woman nurtures a new being into the world. During pregnancy, air pollution can cause complications in the growth of the baby as well as put the mother at risk. High air pollution can cause heart issues, breathing issues, low baby birth weight, or even infant mortality.

For the safety of everyone, especially the baby and their mother, consider the effects and dangers of the quality of air have on them. Give them the best possible start to their new life by giving them clean air to breathe.

6. Protect Your Skin Health

It may not be as common knowledge as some would think, but it is a scientifically proven fact, air pollution damages your skin. Whether it is dust, bacteria, viruses or fungi, having a good air purifier can pull all of the above out of the air so they stay out of your skin and body.

7. Clean the Air While You Work in Your Office

Some people may not realize this, but your office is a perfect environment for producing air pollutants. Things like carpeting, office equipment, and other supplies create and hold onto many different types of dusts and particles, some of which fly through the air and are then easily inhaled.

A good air purifier, especially one with an air filter can effectively catch and eliminate these airborne particles making your office a nicer and safer place to work.

8. Improve Your Mental Health

You don’t have to be a doctor to know, when you go for a stress-free walk through nature, you feel better. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the luxury to take leisurely strolls through beautiful woodlands. Many of us are often bound to the indoors, whether it is in offices, classrooms, workplaces, or just simply sitting at home.

Now of course there are many factors involved in sustaining positive mental health, but one thing that definitely does not help is breathing in polluted air. “Recent studies have shown that pollution is one of the most common culprits of poor mental health. A recent study in America showed that counties with the worst air quality had a 27 percent increase in bipolar disorder and a 6 percent increase in depression, compared to the national average.”

Effects of poor air quality become even more apparent in children and teenagers. The Environmental Health Perspectives recently published a study examining the link between short-term exposure to pollution and health effects in children. Just days after breathing in dirty air, the children’s mental health became noticeably worse.

Since most of us are bound to the ‘great’ in-doors, we can improve the quality of the air we breathe inside easily using air purifiers. Breathe clean air and feel good doing it.

9. Regulate Your Weight and Decrease Your Cravings

If you’re like me, food cravings can come seemingly out of nowhere. It may be after watching an ad or commercial promoting a new burger from xyz fast food restaurant. Other times it could be smelling that distinctive fried food smell coming from out of thin air.

Curb those cravings, at least those smells, with an air purifier. Without the influence of that smoked oil fragrance, you can be one step closer to choosing a healthier alternative for your next meal. It’s the little things that add up and make all the big differences.

10. Live a Longer, Healthier Life

We all need to breathe oxygen to survive, that’s a fact. But the air we breathe does not only contain that sweet O2 that we all need and love. The air is made up of many different types of gases, as well as other airborne particles, or particulate matter (PM). Particulate matter, or PM is usually rated as PM10 which is for things like dust and pollen in the air. There is also PM2.5 and smaller, which is reserved for tiny microscopic particles like pollution, gases, bacteria and viruses.

Of course you don’t want any of these particles inside your body, especially lungs, blood, or other organs as they can cause serious damage over time.

Lucky, there are air purifiers that will eliminate the very smallest particles from the air, keeping them out of your body, leaving only the clean good air for you to breathe.

Some say “PM 2.5 is the largest environmental risk factor worldwide, responsible for many more deaths than alcohol use, physical inactivity or high sodium intake.”

The good news is that a good quality air purifier can effectively get rid of PM2.5 from the air you breathe inside, giving you and your family a longer and healthier life.