Food Safety With Ozone

The kitchen is a crucial area of any home. It is a common gathering place, a place where we prepare food, talk, laugh, and share stories. The kitchen is also a very popular breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, molds, and odors. Because of the significance of the kitchen and the severity of what could happen if these viruses and other pathogens are allowed to multiply unchecked, it is of the upmost importance that we treat the kitchen with respect, and take the cleanliness of our kitchens seriously, making sure it continues to be a safe place for sharing and preparing food.

Bacteria and other serious germs know no boundaries. They will occupy any place they can. Common places include, but are not limited to your fridge, water supply, kitchen surfaces, trash, floors, behind or under counters, literally anywhere and everywhere is a potential germ territory. With so much ground to cover, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start in our fight back against germs and their infectious capabilities.

Often, the best place to start is with choosing the right tool for the job. And the right tool for your fight against bacteria, viruses, dust, odors, mold, fungi, and all other microscopic pests is ozone. Recent studies have tested and proven ozone to be one of the greatest natural disinfectants against these mini infectors. Ozone attaches to and breaks down the cell membranes of these tiny household invaders and oxidizes them, leaving them immobilized and no longer a threat to our health and well-being.

Unsure of how to harness the awesome capabilities of ozone? There are now many products available to the public to produce safe levels of ozone on demand for all of your disinfecting needs. These products and the ozone produced by them, are a much safer alternative to other alcohol and chemical based cleaning products such as isopropyl alcohol, chlorine bleach, or aerosol sprays. Unlike it’s chemical product counterparts, ozone is completely food-safe, skin-safe, child-friendly, odor-less, and produces oxygen when it is finished working, leaving no harmful residues.

Here are just some of the ways you can use ozone in your kitchen to make a safer environment for you and your family.

In the Fridge

The fridge is a relatively modern appliance in our kitchens that has quickly become an essential part of keeping food chilled and fresh longer. For nearly 100 years, fridges have stored drinks, vegetables, fruit, meat and other foods that would quickly spoil otherwise. Yet, even with an amazing invention like a refrigerator, food and drinks will still undergo natural decomposition at some point, and usually sooner than we would like.

Mini ozone generators have been developed specifically for this purpose, to prolong the decomposition process even more than just with cold temperatures alone, as well as eliminate the unpleasant odors sometimes produced by pungent smelling foods. Having an ozone-generating fridge freshener will also clean proactively, reducing the risk of bacteria reproducing on the food, or spreading to other foods.


One thing many of us may take for granted is having clean drinking water access at the turn of a tap. Whenever we need to cook, clean or just have a drink of water, it is right there for us, and we often trust that it is healthy to use.

But even in the clearest water, there is the potential of bacteria, virus, gaseous, parasitic, heavy metal and mineral contamination. Ozonating the water, in tandem with proper filtration, is the best line of defense against aqua contaminators and the best chance in producing the cleanest water at home. Not only is ozone-charged water much healthier to cook with or consume compared to it’s alternative, chlorine water, but with ozone, there is less odor, less taste, more health benefits and more secondary cleaning benefits. Water infused with ozone will continue to breakdown bacteria and viruses when washing other things with it like vegetables, dishes, cutlery, counter tops and surfaces.


Whether it is in it’s gaseous state or when combined with water, ozone makes a perfect all-round general disinfectant for all areas around the kitchen. Because of it’s unstable nature, ozone is not easily stored like other chemical cleaners. Ozone must be produced on demand when and where it is needed to clean. Engineers have developed ingenious ways to produce the perfect amount of ozone, as a gas or combined with water in a spray, to clean all areas of your home with ease.

Products sure as the Mini Air Purifier produces ozone gas safely and whenever it is needed, attaching to and eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses before they have the chance to land on and contaminate kitchen surfaces. Other products like the Aqua Sterilizer combines regular drinking water with ozone to spray directly on counter tops, handles, sinks, floors and other commonly soiled areas.


With many applications and ways to use ozone in the kitchen, eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, dust and odors is as easy as a push of a button. There are many ozone-producing products currently on the market that are as specific or as general as need be for your intended use. Ozone effectively and safely sanitizes all areas of the kitchen, as well as the food directly, leaving no unpleasant smells, tastes, pathogens or harmful residues.

Introduce ozone to your kitchen, and experience a next-level clean that will wow everyone, including yourself. Not only is ozone a great all-around disinfectant that is safe to use, but also provides a safe food environment that you can continue to share with confidence and reassurance to your friends and family. 

Cleaning Up After Pets

Pet lovers love their pets. Those who accept the responsibility of owning a pet, also should take on the responsibility of feeding them, bathing them, giving them fresh water, shelter, and of course, cleaning up after them.

Pets can tend to be a little messy, and it seems to be that the bigger the pet is, the bigger the mess will be. Whether it be odors, urine, mud or bacteria, if you can’t stay ahead of the mess, it can quickly build up and become unmissable.

With all the responsibilities of pet ownership, the most time consuming, labour-intensive part is of course the clean up. Luckily, ozone can help with nearly all aspects of the cleaning the mess, and giving everyone a more comfortable environment to live.

Ozone is not only a main and vitally important part of our atmosphere, but also works as an effective sterilizer for around the house. With newly developed technology and ozone-generating products, ozone can be produced safely and on demand, eliminating odors, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and dust effectively, aiding in the seemingly never-ending cleanup.


One thing that is often noticed before seeing your pet is it’s smell. If the smell of your pet is strong and undeniably noticeable, it can often cause distance between you and your pet, like an invisible, smelly-barrier.

It is common and completely natural for pets to have their own smell that is produced by there bodies or as a product of their environment. Sometimes their smell becomes familiar and comforting. Other times, the smell can become unbearable, intolerable or down-right disgusting.

Frequent baths for your pet can be time consuming if done by yourself, or costly if done by others. As an alternative to bathing often or pet deodorants, ozone can be utilized to eliminate the harsh smells.

Ozone is safe on pet skin, instantly eliminating excess bacteria which produce the unpleasant smells. Ozone doesn’t just cover up the smell like most shampoos and deodorants, but gets rid of the cause of the smells, protecting the animal’s skin, and leaving a fresh natural scent.

Ozone also has the added bonus of increasing oxygen in the skin, improving blood quality and circulation. Ozone therapy on animals is currently being practiced with the benefits being recorded across vet clinics around America and Europe.

Urine and Feces

A pet’s bodily functions, like our own, are a reality. Before a pet becomes house-broken, there is a learning-curve to be dealt with. This means that mistakes will be expected, guaranteeing that urine and feces will be part of the clean up.

There are positive and negative ways to train a pet how and where to “do their business”, but as for cleaning up their “business”, you have options. There are of course the common-household cleaners, that are highly-concentrated, alcohol-based, and extremely toxic. There are also the “pet friendly” alternatives that may or may not work as advertised.

One option that will work, is ozone. Ozone gas or fused with water, can easily and effectively assist with cleaning up the smelliest, and or wettest messes, leaving no toxic residue and no lingering smell. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about if it will harm your pet, because it is 100% natural and dissolves into oxygen when it is finished eliminating the left-behind bacteria and odors.

Mud and Water

Pets that go outside have the tendency to bring a little bit of the outside, inside with them. What comes inside with them is dust, dirt, moisture, mud, which is then tracked around the house, possibly to the furniture, and then onto it’s occupants.

It can be good practice to clean your pet’s paws and fur as they are coming back into the house from their nature walks, but clean them with what? Of course you would want something gentle on their paws, fur, and skin. You would also want something that effectively cleans the mud and dirt off of your pet, without hassle or harm.

Ozone is a great option for cleaning your pet before re-entering your home. Ozone sticks to dust particles so that they do not become airborne when leaving your pet. Ozone also gets rid of any bacteria or odors that may be tagging along on your pet, waiting for the perfect opportunity to release and reproduce.

Don’t give dirt and bacteria a chance to infect you, your pet or your family. Use ozone to stay one step ahead, and proactive against germs.


Every animal carries bacteria. Luckily the bacteria that is produced naturally by people is generally harmless to ourselves. Likewise, the bacteria produced by animals is harmless to themselves.

That being said, bacteria that is not produced by ourselves is foreign and can cause us to become ill or worse. Once ill, our bodies need to work especially hard in an already difficult situation to try and fight these foreign bacteria, sometimes leading to the need of medicine or medical attention.

Protect yourself, your family, and your pets from these foreign bacteria and viruses with ozone.


While we love our pets, they require extra care. Not only is it necessary to feed them, give them fresh water, shelter, bathe them, but of course, it is also necessary to clean up after them.

Cleaning up after your pet can seem endless, tasking, and messy. Luckily, ozone can help with nearly all aspects of the clean up, from odors to bacteria. Ozone makes clean ups a breeze, leaving a clean, fresh and safe environment for you and your pets.

Don’t just ignore the mess, stay ahead of it. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a task, make it a breeze, with ozone. 

Clean Sparkle Shine Part II

As we have seen in the past, ozone has many applications when cleaning around the house. In gas form or when bonded with water, ozone is an extremely effective disinfectant. With the ability to instantly eliminate almost all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi, microscopic parasites, odors, dust and other common irritants, ozone is revolutionizing the way we clean.

From ease of use, the many applications, the effectiveness of cleanliness, ozone is the smart choice for anyone looking to make any space a bit more fresh, and a whole lot healthier.

This is a continuation of the last blog, Clean, Sparkle Shine Part I where we mention areas in our daily lives that can be positively effected by ozone. In this blog, we will talk about the cleaning difference ozone can make in one’s fridge, trash bin, and drinking water. These three things are some of the most common sources of germs and dirt in our homes, and require regular cleaning and sanitizing.

Disinfecting the fridge

When thinking about the dirty areas of our kitchens, perhaps we will think the sink, trash bin, or even ground. While these areas can indeed become rightfully messy, and require regular upkeep, there is another area that is often overlooked. It is in our nature to stray away from seemingly redundant work, or shying away from cleaning something if it is not visibly soiled. That being said, even things that seem clean can be riddled with illness-causing bacteria or viruses.

Our fridges hold our food, keep vegetables and meat fresh, and our drinks cold. A fridge is a fundamental appliance in many households, yet fridges are often neglected from being cleaned for weeks, months, even years at a time. After all, if it does not look dirty, then why should it be cleaned?

A fridge can easily appear to be clean, but in reality be filled with odor and possible illness caused by bacteria and mold, waiting to hitch a ride with the food inside. These bacteria, viruses and mold can not only have the potential to make us sick, but they can also cause the food in the fridge to breakdown and spoil more quickly, wasting the food and wasting money.

With the addition of an ozone-generating device in your fridge, such as Oshiner’s Fridge Freshener, you can add ozone into the air of your fridge, eliminating all bacteria, virus and fungus that may be hiding. Adding ozone into the air of your fridge also has the added bonus of keeping veggies tasting fresher and lasting much longer. 

Eliminating Germs and Odors

Hiding in the kitchen, either behind a cupboard door or stuffed in the corner is the inevitable trash bin. The trash bin is also a nesting ground for bacteria and odors. Bathrooms, bedrooms, any room, the trash bin knows no boundaries in terms of rooms it may be breeding germs and odors.

There are smartly designed devices which add small amounts of ozone into the trash bin to get rid of any possible lurching bacteria. Devices like the O3 Bin Deodorizer are designed specifically to set inside of a trash bin lid, eliminating any and all bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors. In summary, ozone cleaning your garbage, keeping you safe and breathing clean, smell-less air.

Cleansing water

It is a blessing to have clean drinking water, as there are unfortunately some without that basic need. Even with the privilege of water, there still may be something inside that would cause illness or odor or taste. Ozone is great at disinfecting water and eliminating any of the unseeable ailments. That is why ozone has been used at a municipal level to disinfect communal water supplies.

If you have any taste or smells in your water, chemical or earthy, try ozone. There are ozone generating devices that clean household water, producing cleaner, fresher, purer water.

In conclusion, ozone has a wide range of uses in our homes and daily lives. From disinfecting the air we breath, sanitizing the surfaces we use, to keeping our fridges fresh, our trash bins free of odor, and our water supply in our homes, ozone can enhance the cleaning routine in all of our homes.

Give ozone a try, and experience first-hand the cleaning potential of ozone. More versatile than disinfecting with alcohol, without the risk of drying out skin or causing illness if ingested, there is very little risk when using ozone.

Introducing ozone into your home can be done incredibly simply with little-to-no setup, and with ease of use as basic as a push of a button, you owe it to yourself and your family to live in a cleaner, fresher environment.

Clean Sparkle Shine Part I

The demand for time is increasing every day. How often do you think to yourself, “I wish I had more time” or “I don’t have time for this” or “I will do it next time”. One thing is for certain, there will always be the same amount of time each day, twenty-four hours.

Aside from sleeping, eating, washing, commuting, working and running errands, there is not always much time at the end of the day to focus on personal things, let alone cleaning. If everything needs to get done, especially making time for yourself, and everything needs time, then where do we find the time to do everything? 

People are busy, and how they spend their precious time is up to them and depends on many factors. When there is something, or someone who is able to ‘free up’ some time, we rightly see value in that because that something or someone allows us to use our time to do other things.

Now, there is a way to have an incredibly clean living, commuting, working environment without using up any more of your time. With increasingly innovative products, cleaning one’s home, car or office can be done quite easily, and actually save you some time in the long run. It is similar to having a maid and all of the cleaning supplies all in one and on demand.

Utilizing the cleaning potential of ozone in a gas or combined with water can clean virtually every corner of your home with 99.99% efficiency against bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other harmful micro-organisms. Ozone in the gas state is great for cleaning the air against such irritants, as well as smells and dust particles. Ozone when combined with water is great for disinfecting surfaces, clothes, skin and the water itself. Ozone is completely skin and child friendly and is safe to ingest when combined with water.

Ozone has many applications in our day to day lives already, it is all around us, cleaning, and in some cases, saving people from illness, and saving others a bit of time.

Fresh Air

Want to get rid of a lingering odor? Ozone is perfect for catching smells and sickness caused by bacteria and viruses floating through the air. Of course there are regulations in place for how much ozone is allowed in a given space, but devices that are being made today have integrated technology to produce the perfect amount of ozone and turn off when it is no longer needed.

As stated by federal occupational health and well-being professions, ozone concentration should stay around or below 0.10 parts per million. Of course it is extremely difficult to tell by smell alone how much 0.10 ppm of ozone is, but most ozone gas producing devices are set to release the perfect amount of ozone as needed. There are also devices available to detect and measure accurately the ozone concentration in the air, in a given space.

The smell of ozone is alike to the sweet smell in the air after a lightening show. Lightening separates the oxygen atoms in the air from their bonds, creating a reaction that produces ozone. Our upper-most atmosphere here on earth is all ozone. UV rays shot off from the sun are both blocked and absorbed by the ozone-layer, which allows for breathable oxygen to be kept here with us.

That’s ozone in a nutshell! Blocking harmful UV rays, keeping oxygen in breathing distance, and now killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and other harm-causing microbes in our homes, as well as many other places.

Car Freshener

Have you ever thought about the air quality in your personal car, or any car for that matter. Well, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, it is possible to bring ozone with you in the car. Public transportation services such as buses, trains, subways, airplanes all have air filtration devices to keep the air fresh and keep the air clean. Many of these filtration systems also use ozone to kill bacteria and viruses passing through the filters, keeping them out of the recirculated air.

These types of devices are currently available that are able to be easily installed in to your own car. Cars easily produce unpleasant smells for obvious reasons. Ozone is perfect for getting rid of those smells, and replace them with a nice, crisp, natural scent that you can easily distinguish as clean.

Aqua Sterilizer

Taking ozone with you literally wherever you go is also easier than ever. Turn normal drinking water into a highly-efficient sanitizer, with ozone. Ozone infused water is just as effective for cleaning as ozone gas. With ozonated water, you can disinfect surfaces before you touch them, and know that you are safe from extracting foreign bacteria and nasty viruses.

In a compact and conveniently stowable size, water is added to the smart ozone device. A small electric current separates the oxygen atoms from some of the water molecules, creating the perfect recipe to make some ozone. That ozone is then transferred by a mist of water to the surfaces or area to sanitize and clean. Ozone is able to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, instantly!

Now, with the cleaning power of ozone and a range of innovative ozone producing devices, keeping your home, office, and car free of germs, viruses and parasites has never been easier. Where before, when cleaning was a chore that would last several minutes or hours or more, now cleaning with ozone is literally easier than ever before.

oshiner ozone aqua sterilizer
oshiner ozone aqua sterilizer

With less time spent on cleaning, you can now spend more time with the people you care about, and more time to do the things you love to do. Unfortunately, we cannot add or take away hours from the day, but what we can do is focus on the things we love, and know that we didn’t have to sacrifice having a clean home for ‘more time’. Have your cake, and eat it too, and clean with ozone so you can free up some of your time.

Ozone in the Car

Of all the possible uses ozone has to offer as an all-purpose daily disinfectant, one of the more practical uses that it can be utilized is in the car.

Think about it, for those who use a car or other automobile as a necessary mode of transportation because of where you live, it is highly likely that they also spend time driving to work in said vehicle, or to go shopping, or to the hospital, or to an appointment. A car is necessary tool for many people and for all the time that we spend in our vehicles, how much time is spent on thinking about the air quality where we sit?

The need for breathing clean air doesn’t change when we step inside a vehicle, yet those who drive often put up with some unpleasant and even hazardous smells, odors or gases coming from inside or outside the vehicle. Modern vehicles remedy these hazardous by making the vehicle cabins nearly air-tight, with air that cycles through a cabin filter that is often over-looking during regular maintenance checks.

That means we must be vigilant ourselves about the cabin air we breath and the hidden hazardous of car ownership. Let’s look at how ozone is one of the best methods of not only cleansing the air in your car or vehicle, but also sanitizing surfaces, restoring car interiors after disaster and how ozone is already being applied in public transit. 

Cleansing the Air/Eliminating Smells

One’s car is the workhorse of themselves and their family. In many, many places around the world, the car is necessary for commuting to and from work, taking family to important appointments, make a little money on the side, or just to go out for a drive to relieve stress. We spend a lot of time in our cars, some more often than others, but what doesn’t get enough thought is the quality of the air we breathe in our cars.

mutiple use - fridge freshener

In most cases, a personal car for most is still gas powered, or you live around other carbon powered cars. These fumes, along with other dust, germs, gases, particles can be hazardous on a person’s health if they are inhaled regularly.

Smoking is also still a common pass time for most, and smoking in a car during a break can be seen as a temporary oasis, with a long-lasting smell.

Ozone reacts with these types of gases, odors produced by bacteria and particles, either weighing them down or breaking them down so that they are not being inhaled by us. O3 then dissolves back into regular breathable oxygen, or O2 and is absorbed as needed. 

Disinfecting Surfaces

Ozone as a gas or added to water is a great disinfectant for surface contaminates as well. Ozone is able to kill 99.99% of almost all viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, and parasites hiding at a microscopic level.

Ozone is generated through the process of a high voltage current or UV light, and then focused at and around the desired area needing to be disinfected. It can be concentrated so that it is small and compact. In this form, it is great for disinfecting on the go, in place of alcohol based products.

O3 generation can also be produced at a much higher concentration and is done when needed by trained professionals with proper handling equipment.

Professional Interior Restoration

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always kind to our cars, nor does she have an obligation to be considerate of our contraptions. Regardless, nature and machine have been known to mingle, sometimes in unfavorable conditions. In terms of our automobiles, fires, floods, windows being left down by mistake can mean mold and other hazards.

Professionals in the commercial and residential restoration business often will use high concentrations of ozone for deep-cleaning interiors of weather-beaten vehicles. High concentration ozone is great for this type of cleaning for nearly all fabrics, materials, fibers, when done safely with the proper equipment. High concentrations of ozone can be hazardous in itself, that is why it is necessary to take proper precautions when handling. 

Public Transit Applications

If given a choice, most would choose to drive their own vehicles other than ride the public transit. For those of us who require to use public transit, or choose to too, it would be nice to know that all around you has been cleaned and sanitized, especially in those close-encounter moments.

This is one case among many on how having an on-the-go, ozone spray comes in handy. As ozone generators can be made commercial-grade, they can also be made smaller and safer to use in a pinch or around the house. This type of device can be used to sanitize surfaces on your way, in your car, wherever you are.


So as we have seen, there are many applications for ozone in our day-to-day lives in an effort to fight back against illness causing viruses and germs. Large scale and small, ozone can be used around you on surface or in the air. In regards to being in the car, ozone has many upsides for disinfecting both retroactively and for restoring weather damage.

For the everyday person, an on-the-go ozone generator is perfect for the on-the-go individual. In this case, whether you are in the car or out and about, having a compact ozone generator able to fit in your pocket or purse can be a huge benefit. Start introducing ozone disinfection in your life and see how